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Aunt Catfish’s Local History


Looking down the original dock at Dave’s Dock


Dave’s Dock as it appeared in the 1960s (the current site of Aunt Catfish’s)

The corner of Dunlawton Ave and Halifax Dr.


halifax river

Halifax River early 1900’s

Taken from the porch of the Riverside Inn

beach races

Beach Races - South Turn, 1940

The first road/beach course was 3.5 miles.

dave's dock

Dave’s Dock at the foot of the Port Orange Bridge, c. 1938

For many years this was a favorite for fishermen; a boat could be rented and the best live bait could be purchased. Fishing tackle and river information was always readily available. Today it’s the site of Aunt Catfish’s Restaurant.

port orange bridge

Old Wooden Port Orange bridge, Late 1920’s

On Sunday afternoons, visitors often drove along the shore of the scenic Halifax River, occasionally stopping to view the beautiful subtropical landscape.

dunlawton ave.

Dunlawton Avenue, Late 1890’s

riverside drive

Riverside Drive Allandale

The scenic view along what was called the Old Dixie Highway many years ago.

early citrus industry

Early Citrus Industry

After the Civil War, the citrus industry boomed on the east coast of Florida